Good morning Murray,
Thank you for your email and your supportive Congratulations.
It has certainly been a pleasure to work with your organisation. Being a Queenslander has had absolutely no effect in obtaining the respective information, legislation or any required data as it was provided by your organisation  throughout the entire study process.
Your staff/associates  are exceptionally friendly, helpful and proactive. A pleasurable journey in deed and would refer back to your organisation for further studies without a question.
I have filled out the Evaluation Survey and attached for your perusal. I will  fax the Evaluation Form accordingly shortly after this email.
Thank you for your time and assistance throughout my journey.

Should you require any further information from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Carmen Nuevo - January 2013

I completed my Certificate of Registration, Real Estate Licence and Auctioneer through the College and further CPD's. I am planning to continue to complete all my learning requirements with the College as I am extremely impressed by the assessor support and feedback I have always received from my assessors plus the modules are delivered in a timely and user friendly manner.

Maria Georgoulopoulos – NSW – April 2012

I found the course to be extremely informative; it quickly became obvious that the course was focused on training the student to become adept at knowing how to find answers rather than parroting information.
I think this method of training would develop skill-set over the long term and give the trainee the ability to stay abreast of changes in legislation not just passing a course and getting a certificate.
Ross – QLD – July 2011

I am very impressed with the whole service and the professionalism that you are offering our industry and I appreciate the convenience of the process very much- THANK YOU.
Jeanette – NSW - Dec 2010

Training with your company was excellent, access to resources were easy to find and user friendly - I would be happy to recommend this delivery method to everyone
Christine – Business Broking - NSW - Dec 2010
As a principal of real estate agency I would highly recommend The NSW Real Estate Training College as the best place to get qualifications required for the Real Estate Industry.   

Alan Temelkov
October 2010

The subject matter was comprehensive and highly relevant to the
industry. Although many of the case studies were often challenging, the available resources provided were excellent and easy to access which allowed for a strong understanding of the issues associated with various critical aspects of any Real Estate business and typical client negotiation processes generally required on a daily basis.

Ben Ross
September 2010

Very easy to enrol, very happy with taking my course online.  Would recommend to anyone. I learnt valuable new information, and I feel I will use this in not only in my new career in business sales, but in general day to day. 
I was really happy with the assistance from staff.  There was no delay what so ever, and it was a weekend.  Thank you!

Joyce Collins
September 2010

To Whom it May Concern

I have been studying with you for the past few months and have received competent in all my subjects for the above course.

I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you and to tell you how easy the process was and how well coordinated I found it. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that needs your services.

Jennifer Lee
September 2010

I recommend this course to be completed online.
It is completed at your own pace and works around your working schedule.
There are no classrooms to go to.
I loved the convenience of doing it online.
I Highly, Highly recommend it to whoever wishes to work in the real estate industry.
Thanks to the Team at NSW Real estate Training College.
Fariha – August 2010

Responses where provided in a timely manner. Very impressed with the speed and service.
Norman - August 2010

The Real Estate Saleperson course I completed on-line with your company was user friendly and the response time for marking of assignments was excellent. Thank you for providing an uncomplicated course, I have and will continue to recommend your services to others who are interested in studying in this field. 
Elizabeth Downie - August 2010

The course was great and ensured I could gain the qualifications I needed to progress into a career in real estate quickly but still give me extensive understanding of several key areas of the industry. I want to thank everyone and I will definitely be using the service for future training and qualifications to help me progress even further i my career.
Andrew Walley

Thank you for making the whole process so easy!
Tracey Howard

Many thanks for your efficiency – I received my statement of attainment & transcript in the mail yesterday. Thank you for ryour assistance, professionalism & expedience. I look forward to utilising your services again.
Wendy Kelly – Oct 2009

I have received my Statement of Attainment and was very pleased. I enjoyed the course work that I was required to complete and the flexibility it provided time wise.
I have recommended it to others in our office.
Anastasia Lepouris - Jan 2010

Thank you. I have found your system very easy and extremely relevant. I am someone who is not great at school type work but have found your system great.
Peter Vines - Jan 2010

I just answered yes to everything. I didn't comment on anything. The course was so straightforward and easy. The support that I received was great also. What more can I say.
John Williamson – Feb 2010

Good easy to understand content easy to understand points and the exercises were well constructed and interesting to prepare and submit
Ken Edwards – March 2010

Yes, the internet is a great way of learning very straight forward support was easliy accessed.
As a non-practicising agent who hasn't studied real estate for 27 years this training facility is excellent
Glenn Tankard – March 2010

Thank you for your time. It's been a fantastic experience so far and I am very impressed with the turn over between assignment submission and marking. All notes provided are in-depth and informative.
Tanaya Kelso  – March 2010

Having now completed the Salesperson training I’m looking forward to doing the QLD equivalent (as I live on the border) and my full RE Licences. Many thanks for putting this information together as if has helped tremendously.
January 2009

I found the whole course great. It was so much better for me than doing it in person and it saved me hours of driving. This was my first time doing a course online and I will definitely do it again.

Samantha Slacek
December 2009

The marking time frame is exceptional. Less than a day for most of the components...Very impressive. I'd most likely recommend this course to anyone else looking.

Laura Pearson
December 2009

I found the content totally beneficial to my knowledge of the industry; starting from a point of knowing very little the course allowed me to learn and study at my own pace.

Kendall Smith
December 2009

I found the course very informative and it helped me a lot. It covered everything that I needed to know and learn.  Thank you so much. Hopefully, I will soon be doing my license and I wouldn't be doing it any other way except through your program. More power to the college.

Christine Aguilar
August 2009

Dear College

Just a few words. The enrolment process was easy and presented no problems. Every time I spoke to the College I was responded to without delay and Tracey was a delight to speak with. The whole process was performed swiftly and was tailored to suit my requirements. The staff that I had contact with were well informed and knew the answers to my questions every time. Everything they said they would do was done professionally and promptly.

Peter Jeffs
June 2009

Hello to everyone at NSW Real Estate Training College,

Paul and I wish to thank you for all your help in regards to the courses that we completed.
Proudly, I am now a licensed Real Estate Agent. Both Paul and myself have the Stock & Station and Business agents license thru OFT.
Once again, thank you for your help and if ever you need any one to recommend your services, you are welcome to give them our email address, or phone Paul 0413 294 731 or Gary 0434 10 8888. We will be happy to discuss the courses with them.
Proud to have been part of the NSW Real Estate Training College courses.

Gary Cotterill
Paul Oleary
Bermagui Real Estate
May 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for kind help from the NSW Real Estate Training College. It's a very good college providing very easy to study online courses and very friendly services. I will definitely recommend my friends to your college.

Kind regards,

Alex Wang
January 2009

This course has given me a decent taste of the NSW Real Estate world which gives me the confidence to get my foot in the door and delve into a career that has excited me for a long time now. It’s also nice to know that this information is always there for the taking if need be and after completing the course successfully I feel I can scratch the words ‘complete novice’ from the heading I’m entitled to use.

Once I got the swing of things I had no problem finding my way around and the information I was looking for seemed to be accessible. I’ve taken in a fair amount while doing the course and that gives me the confidence to step into the NSW real estate world. I had an extremely helpful mentor who was always there to answer questions and I benefitted a lot from this.

Sean Thomas
8th September 2008

Dear College

I have found the whole experience very rewarding. I felt at all times that there were people at the college I could call on if I needed to (I only had to once however as instructions and info were very clear) and it was very convenient being able to complete this course at home in my own time.

The assignments were marked in the timeframes indicated and with encouraging and useful comments – thank you very much. I am thrilled to have passed this course especially as I haven’t studied per se for MANY years.

Thanks also for your prompt response to the fact that I have to travel overseas within days and need to get on to the OFT for the certificate.

1st September 2008

The Team,

I had enjoyed a very successful career in the restaurant and catering industry for nearly 40 years. Establishing myself in a completely new industry and having to learn new disciplines was a potential and intimidating process.

I appreciated the fact that you could recognize what I had done previously and how that could be of benefit to me in my persuit of a Business Agents License.

The process was intelligent yet not too difficult – and gave me the confidence to complete the assessable tasks at my own speed. I had the time – Now – and I wanted to complete the task as quickly as possible. You made that all possible.

Thank you
Michael Fischer
10 July 2008

Hi Murray

Just a quick line to say that both Gabriel & Zoltan found the course interesting and stimulating. Yes they had to undertake it for license purposes, but they have expressed to me that each module covered the subject matter well and gave them a good insight into the topic, which made their study enjoyable.

As you are aware we are not a 'traditional' real estate office, so everything was new to them and when they were studying and coming to me with queries, it brought back real estate knowledge that I had forgotten all about! I think even I learned something from both you and them!

Your staff were always so friendly and helpful they were a pleasure to speak to. You have a great team there.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your courses and services.

Kind regards

Angela Dillon
26th March 2008

I was not working in real estate, however I found the course fairly easy and all the information and resources were so easy to access plus gave me all I needed to gain competency in Salesperson Registration Certificate. I have now secured employment and look forward to a great career. Thanks to Andrea, Murray and all the team for the support

Geoff Laing
February 2008

Dear Murray, Andrea and Ariane,

I wish to thank all of you at the college for your immense support during my Real Estate License studies. When I first took on the task of doing my studies on line in the early Certificate of Registration days, I found you all to be very helpful and accommodating, so helpful that I embarked-on the Real Estates-Licence course without hesitation. Initially, I made phone calls in trepidation but realised just how much you were there (each day) to help and assist in answering my queries. The queries were sometimes basic but other times more complex; yet, always, you and your staff were there to answer my calls.

Distance Learning via the Internet is not an easy process but you made it all thoroughly enjoyable and interactive. Several facets of your services impressed me but most of all your immediacy and your quick turn-around when marking my submissions. This efficient response spurred me on and created further momentum for me to complete each module within the course.

Your staff's sincerity and genuine interest in my queries created a truly great atmosphere within which to learn. Your willingness to take my calls and answer my queries quickly has given me real confidence in your college. Furthermore, all was done with a sense of fun and enjoyment and I never felt I was liaising with someone who did not care. Your guidance was truly appreciated and I wish to thank you all, sincerely.

I have no hesitation in recommending the NSW Real Estate Training College to my colleagues within the industry and hope that they learn as much as I have by doing the course. There are other courses that I hope to complete (including the CPD courses) and I look forward to availing of your services again in the coming months and years. I hope you continue to flourish and thrive and that the NSW Real Estate Training College maintains its place at the cutting edge of real estate training in New South Wales.

Gerry Faulkner
26th February 2008

I would personally like to thank everyone at the college from Mr. Murray Macdonald to Arianne and Andrea.

Being as busy as I am I don’t think I would have ever completed my license anywhere else. Doing this course gave me the freedom to work full time and complete my modules at my own pace. Furthermore, the support provided was fantastic!

Highly recommended!


John Boustani
November 2007

Dear Murray, Ariane and Andrea,

I wish to thank you all for your assistance in my completion of the Real Estate Agents License course.

I have never studied on-line before, only trying it in desperation after dealing with the face to face system in Victoria. Whilst I appreciate their various administration difficulties, they didn’t cater for the needs of a student like me: a professional agent and a mother with three teenagers, unable to attend classroom sessions due to work and domestic commitments but with a desire to get the course done in the shortest possible time.

Fortunately for me, my desperation made me “Google” License courses which led me to you! My first conversation with Murray concluded with me thinking (and stating to him) that “it sounded too good to be true”!!

Well, it is good and it is true! There are difficulties in Real Estate operations in border regions – like Albury Wodonga – but this was not a problem for you. Neither was receiving payment by cheque and not Visa. You were very accommodating in every aspect of the process. I was enrolled immediately and able to get on with what I needed to do: finish the course without being hamstrung with administration issues.

Best wishes for a successful future in the very important area of online education, and once again, thank you all so much for your friendliness and assistance. It was greatly appreciated!!

Kind regards

Judy Ryan
19 September 2007

Dear Murray
Re : Real Estate Agents Licence Course
Just a short note to say thanks for the excellent service and assistance you provided during my course. I found you to be extremely helpful and willing to assist in any way possible, something that seems to be lacking in many organisations these days. I was especially impressed by your willingness to visit me at my workplace to help with the initial assessment and then the finalisation of the auctioneer's module, much appreciated.
I wish you all the best of luck in the future. Should I come across anyone wishing to become a Real Estate Agent I will forward them your way.

I'm currently in the web building phase of my project so hopefully it won't be too long until I can utilise my new found qualification!
yours sincerely
Nick Johnson 5 July 2007

Hi Murray,

Thanks. And I did enjoy the course very much. It was extrememly thorough and thought provoking. An excellent beginning - it's nice to feel like I actually know something about the business, and it means I don't have to start in an office feeling too 'green'!

Will certainly recommend your course.

Best regards and thanks again,

Andrew Thomson
July 2007

Dear Real Estate Training College:

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude. You have not only offered an accredited course via the internet, but also, students are encouraged to proceed at their own pace. You have made the learning process both fun and easy - which in my professional opinion, affords a better opportunity for success.

In addition to the above, the staff were prompt and professional with any questions and/or requests made of them. Mr. Macdonald and his staff have been nothing less than knowledgeable, professional and delightful. My sincerest thanks to you all, for a job well done!


Mr. David J. Dubin


"creative concepts for the web"

address: PO Box 276, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012

phone: 0431 525 372 / 011 61 431 525 372



Hello Murray

Just a short note to thank you and the team at NSW Real Estate Training College for your sensational program.
As a time poor Business Professional running my own specialised Real Estate Agency it's important to know that NSW Real Estate Training College's on line facility is available (even very late on a Sunday evening!).
Thank you for the site, it's accessibility, it's user friendly methodology plus fast turn around time and the comfort of knowing that you personally are there to help!
My recent experience in working through and delivering the "Manage Agency Risk" assessment task was a challenging thought provoking module - which I thoroughly enjoyed - 10/10!
Thank you again and continued success
Best regards and well wishes

Ben Nastasi
Managing Director - Australian Heritage Realtor - (02) 9716 9943 OR 0413 115 657
June 2007

To all at NSW Real Estate Training College made it very easy for me to complete the Certificate of Registration course's easy to understand and the two or three bits I didn't understand were quickly made clear to me with a phone call.....thanks to all - I'll be back soon to do the full license.

Best Wishes....Allan Nash

Dear Murray,

You have a great product which meets a market need, quick turnaround and good service. Thanks to your 24 hour interactive web site, I was able to submit my last assignment on Sunday evening at 10pm.

My experience with the NSW Real Estate Training College was very impressive and I will definitely be back!

Thank you and best regards

Brian H.

Hi Murray

I know its taken a few weeks but thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for your help during my recent licence course.

From the very beginning not only yourself but also the other staff, were not only courteous, professional and knowledgeable, but nothing was too much trouble.

After helping get as many exemptions because of my life experience as I could, I then enrolled in all of the modules I had to do. Regardless of what sort of question I had, whether I thought it was stupid or should be obvious, you answered it completely and made sure I understood the answer. Quite often, and I really liked this, you would dig deeper and actually get the answer out of me. Didn't matter what time or how many times I contacted you, via email or phone, you were always there and always returned my questions in a very timely matter, when I submitted a module my mind was put at ease quite quickly with it only taking a couple of days usually for you to mark it.

You even come out to see me so I could do my mock Auction and also answered my questions to do with Real Estate even when it had nothing to do with the course!

Thank you so much for your support, its one thing to say on your website that you do provide ongoing support at anytime but its another thing to actually follow through and do it, and that you did.

Once again thanks Murray to yourself and everyone at Real Estate Training College

Kind Regards,


P: 02 9626 6600 M: 0415 728 093

Dear Murray and staff,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for the extraordinary online learning experience. The support and feedback you and your staff have offered at both your website and by phone, have been exceptional.

As an older student, who as you know did the licensing course to keep up with the young ones (and completed mine before any of them) it has been a real pleasure. I have done no serious study since my uni days, which is quite some time ago, and I have enjoyed the experience.

It was great to have the flexibility to do the study modules at times to suit my work commitments and me and to be able to fully absorb the information without being rushed through at times to suit class tutors. I have and will continue to recommend your courses to anyone willing to listen that wish to improve their skills.

I am more than happy to talk to anyone who may not be sure of proceeding with a course for whatever reason, and let them know of my initial resistance that evaporated once I got started.

Thanks for all the encouragement even when I had black days, you were great and I did appreciate your calmness. All the best for the future.

Catherine McGeachy - Queanbeyan
0410 774 821


Just wanted to thank you for helping me get my Real Estate Licence promptly and professionally.
Your on line education process is great and suited my busy schedule perfectly.
The assistance I received was second to none.
I highly recommend The NSW Real Estate Training College

Tony Grlj
Beyond Real Estate & Investments

I was very happy with the entire course and would recommend it to anyone considering their license. A special thank you to Murray Macdonald for his assistance throughout the course, he was readily available. Excellent feedback was provided. Many thanks for a great course.
Annabelle Sorokoput

I would recommend the NSW Real Estate Training College to anyone completing CPD or Licensing modules. The modules are easy to understand and Murray is always available if you have a question. I have never felt unsupported when completing CPD or licensing modules, in fact, quite the opposite. Keep up the good work Murray!
Lisa Indge

Dear Murray,

I just wanted to say thank you for the online learning experience, support and feedback you have offered at your website. I have enjoyed the experience and will certainly look to your training for my future development in the real estate industry. It was great to have the flexibility to do the study modules at times to suit me (and my family) and also to be able to fully absorb the information without being rushed through at times to suit someone else, namely a face to face tutor.

I have started work already and am enjoying it immensley. So that I can complete my registration Murray, can you please tell me when I will receive my recognition of competancy.
Thank you once again and all the best in the future development of your training site.
"The road of success is like running up an escalator going down, you need to keep running, if you walk, you stand still, if you stop you are going down!" – Anneloes Zuiderve
warmest regards
Joanne O'Shea

Dear Murray,
Many thanks for your prompt response to my assignment.I can now
breathe a sigh of relief that my licence will be renewed.I would be happy for you to post a testimonial from me on the website.
I was very impressed with the course and the convenience of being able to do it all online. Also the cost was big consideration since I am a small business working from home at the moment part time. The resources which you made available were a great help and made doing the assignment all that much easier. I will definitely be booking in again next year for my 12 points. Also thanks for returning my phone calls so promptly. I will definitely be recommending your CPD course to all of my friends in the business who are limited for time.
With kind regards,
Sandra Epstein BA Dip Ed, LREA
Property Manager

Dear Murray,
Having just completed the Real Estate Agent’s Licence – Property Development and Management PRD01, I would like to commend you on the course and its delivery.
The course provided the unique opportunity to complete my qualification in my own time and from home. This is a wonderful resource for country based people who want to study but don’t want the expense and inconvenience of travelling to the metropolitan area.
I found the assignments and assessment tasks comprehensive, at times challenging and always stimulating. With each unit completed I enjoyed the course more and more and by the time I completed the last assignment, I felt very confident in my knowledge and skill development.
Lastly, I would like to thank you for your personal assistance and attention. I am aware that at times during the course I called you frequently – sometimes daily! On each occasion you were attentive, concise and supportive. Your guidance and advice were of tremendous help and even though I was hundreds of kilometres away, I never felt like I was studying alone.
Thanks and I look forward to studying with you again.
Kind regards
Brian Anderson

I feel compelled to write and thank you for the excellent courses I recently completed with your help.
I found your web site easy to navigate and thought the suggested links to web sites containing the information I needed particularly useful.
Rest assured I will use your services again and I have already recommended your services to several of my colleagues.
Please feel free to use this letter for promotional purposes.
Thank you again.
Ian Wright.

I would just like to say thank you to you personally as my "Facilitator" for your patience, for always replying promptly to any call for assistance, interpretation of legislation or regulations; or just for that continual subtle encouragement and praise which was definitely an inspiration.
It was certainly a great comfort knowing you were always just a phone call or email away.
I would also like to commend the NSW Real Estate Training College on the outstanding initiative of enabling students to FULLY complete their courses online, entirely at their own pace and in a non judgemental, supportive, learning environment.
I must admit to being a little sceptical at first about the fact that there were no textbooks to get the answers from; however I soon discovered that using the online resources provided and sourcing your own information made completing course even more challenging, rewarding and certainly more satisfying.
Once again, thank you to all at "The NSW Real Estate Training College"; be assured I will be singing your praises to all whom I come into contact with in the Real Estate Industry and of course I will be back in the future to complete my CPD.
Please feel free to use this unsolicited testimony in any way you wish.
Leonie Lynch

Thanks Murray, your on-line college has managed to remove any inconvenience from complying with new CPD requirements while still ensuring that I received excellent and relevant training which has allowed me to build my real estate knowledge and credentials. It was great to find a service which allowed me to learn and comply at my own leisure without having to suffer the inconvenience, time and expense of travelling to other areas. I will definitely be recommending the NSW Real Estate Training College to colleagues and friends.
Rachel Donnelly

I would like to express my extreme gratitude in the professional way you assisted me in a difficult situation. The way in which you made the process so easy and understandable is a credit to your College. I have already passed on my satisfaction to my new employer and he is eager for the details so he can pass it on to the sales staff. I look forward to using the facilities of the Training College in the future.
Thank You.
James Rowan

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